Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Day Preparation

This Valentines Day we will sell Cakes and Pastries for our personal selling practice in our marketing salesmanship subject. Our teacher required us to sell and make a good product that is perfect to sell this Valentines Day. My group mates decided to sell Cakes and Pastries as our product. It is an opportunity for me to share my skills and offer some of my own recipes in baking cakes and other pastry recipes.  This week we received a lot of orders of cakes and pastries. I never expect that people will be interested to buy to our product though I know that they can order or buy to other bakeries and cake shop which can offer a better service rather than us. Last night I started to bake and I also made boxes as a packaging to our cakes. My friend Kim and I did a lot of things last week as a preparation to Valentines Day.

It is not easy for me to do two things at the same time, last week was our exam week and I have also responsibilities to our marketing business. I did not study my lesson very well because my time was divided into two business and studies. Our preparation for Valentines Day was planned last month and we need to beat our expected income that is why we need to be serious about it. I know that in business there’s a risk and we need to work hard to earn more or more than what we expect in the business. Preparation is very important it is the way of preparing and planning things to make it work and to have a perfect result in the end. We expect that this Valentines Day we will serve and give all our best to make our customers satisfy to our product.

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