Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lifetime Hero

Last semester I took up Hist50 a subject which tackled about the life of Jose Rizal. I wondered why every college students must take this subject as part of the curricular. I am a Marketing student and for me it is not necessary to know the life of Jose Rizal, because I can’t make use of it to my work in the future. Everybody knows that history is a boring subject, sometimes in the middle of our discussion we felt asleep because of the topic which we can’t relate. But I come to think of it that if Jose Rizal didn’t sacrifice his life for the sake of Filipino people we can’t achieve independence. I began to know better our national hero and I found out that we must be grateful to him because of his martyrdom we achieve liberty. I initiate that every Filipino must know the life of our national hero.

The life of Jose Rizal was very touching. His life story is a great interpretation of the Philippines tragic history it shows patriotism and heroism.  His intelligence, courage, and belief in peaceful change inspired millions of Filipino. He was the catalyst for revolution, and although not the advocate, still paid the ultimate price. He was a peaceful man and used the power of the pen to express himself. It would eventually lead to his imprisonment and execution. And because of his heroism our country achieved freedom. The sacrifice of Jose Rizal to his country is not easy, he did a lot of struggles just to attain democracy. His love for his country, and his observations of Spanish rule impassioned him to speak out about injustice. The casualty of Jose Rizal ia beautiful death he fell in the ground facing the sky, having his last breath looking at a beautiful sunrise- a metaphor depicting that Rizal did not die in vain. He did not die defeated because his death is the torch. Through his pen, and peaceful protest, he galvanized a nation. He was the catalyst for change, but change was still along time coming. This is the tragedy of a young life, cut short, with so much hope to give. In death there is immortality, Jose Rizal still lives today - in the hearts of million Filipinos.