Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Early Vacation in Bohol

It is an opportunity for me to go to other places most especially when my family are coming with me. Last Wednesday my family and I went to Bohol to visit my relatives there and at the same time to have a 4 day vacation. I was very excited that day because finally I'm going to see my relatives. We left Davao City around 3:30 p.m. the weather that time is really bad, it was a cloudy and rainy day. While riding on plane I was so nervous because the plane was shaking, I know it is normal but I was really afraid that time thinking what if the plane will crash? I comforted myself and get my mp4 to listen music for me to convert my negative thoughts and never-mind the shaking plane. For an hour journey finally we reached Cebu tat 4:45 p.m. the plane was landed at Mactan-Cebu International Airport. I thank God for the safe trip. We traveled about 4 hours to reach Bohol we went there about 9:00 o'clock in the evening. We stayed at Loon, Bohol the house of my Auntie the sister of my mother. When we reached to their place my Auntie was very glad to see us again It was a happy day for me because we see each other again.

Our first day in Bohol was not so good because the heavy rain falls. My Auntie wants to go to Tagbilaran City the capital city of Bohol so I decided to go with her I'm so happy because even though it's rainy I went to Tagbilaran City and tour around the city. It was a very nice place the Bol-anon was hospitable and kind. My second day in Bohol was the most awaited day of my life my relatives tour me all over the Bohol especially to the historical places there. I went to Baclayon Church one of the oldest churches in the Philippines It was a little bit creepy because of the old establisment and design. The church was preserved and there's a lot of tourists went to see the beauty of the historical church. I prayed there and tour the museum upstairs there are a lot of religious articles and thing there I was really amazed because some of those things are ancient about 1700-1800. I went to Tarsier Home the Philippine Tarsier has been called the smallest monkey in the world for the very first time of my life I saw a Tarsier I took a lot of pictures. I went also to Loo Church the Church of Our Lady of Light in Loon, Bohol is it the biggest church in Bohol. I attended the 6:00 o'clock mass there It was a very beautiful church. I experience climbing one of the world famous Chocolate Hills and saw the beauty of nature. I also went to Sagbayan Peak one of the tourist spot in Bohol I even see the Chocolate Hills there. The bounty and the beauty of nature was a gift from God and I therefore conclude that the Boholano was blessed for having all those places. I had a wonderful time in Bohol thanks to my relatives who was very hospitable to us. Overall I'd say I would love to go back there again and stay a bit longer our trip was only two days and really enjoy everything.

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