Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Teacher

For thirteen years of journey in my studies, I met a modern hero. That hero is my teacher he has a complexity to his left leg but despite of his disability he tried his best to attend our class though sometimes his left leg is painful. My professor is a smart man he is a man with knowledge and wisdom. He is a teacher with a passionate heart, who always prioritize his students before any thing else. He is my teacher in NS2, a good professor who have a lot of knowledge about Science. The first day I met my teacher I observed his difficulty in class because of his situation, I can feel the pain deep inside but he never care about it. My teacher wants us to learn something from his teaching. He really wants us to know many things about nature and theories on Science. He wants us to ask question after his lecture so that he will answer all the things that we do not understand. 

As a student of him I can consider him as an ideal teacher of today’s generation. He is a teacher with a passion and care to his work. He is willing to teach despite of his condition. For him it is not a hindrance to show his burning desire to teach and share his knowledge to his students. He is a kind of teacher who never gives up in every battle and challenges of life come in, because he believes that his desire to teach is one way of serving God and to his countrymen. I thank God for meeting a very brilliant person like my teacher; he is an inspiration to all the students who know him. Now, I can probably say that a hero is in within a person who has a heart, care, and passion to his life. A person who has mission, vision and goal to what he is doing today.

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  1. Very well composed. Your grade for this week is 87%