Friday, November 12, 2010

First Week In School

After a break of sleeping in and doing anything I want on my semestral break, here I am right now holding my pen and books. Upon entering the campus I could sense that this will be another great semester for me. The first day of school can be crazy and tiring but I'm quite excited to meet my classmates and friends again. I have a good schedule on my MWF class while my TTH class were fully loaded. I'm not good in time management, I always went to my class late. But this semester I tried my best to come on time because I want to change my bad attitude. As a student I should be more responsible about managing my schedules in school.

I attended all my minors and major subjects on my first week of school. I have been late in my first period class but I never have an absent yet. First week of school for me is very tiring it is because I had many assignments and requirements to make but its all right because I passed it all on time. I become a responsible student in my first week in school maybe because its a fresh start of the semester. I could say that my brain works so well at the very beginning of the class because its a new beginning of the new chapter of my life in school. It is a good start that I know all my teachers on my first week of school. I got a feeling that my teachers is one of the best, that is why I should be a good student and do my best to excel in the class.

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