Friday, November 26, 2010

Less Talk, Less Mistake

I learned something from a friend of mine a quotation from her mind "Less Talk, Less Mistake". It is a four words combined into a thought where my mind think twice to figure out what is the real meaning of it. On my own understanding people should be more sensitive to their words that they utter from their mouth. Sometimes people made mistakes because of the wrong opinion or wrong information that they talked about which can affect arguments to other people. People easily get information anywhere and can freely talk about it to somebody else, but sometimes from the information they gathered they can exaggerate the whole story that leads into a wrong interpretation. Through exaggerating the stories people might interpret it wrong that cause misunderstanding to people. Every person should be aware to their verbal action to lessen false impression.

People are humans that can make mistakes and do wrong things at the same time, but as a human being we should be aware to our moral actions and good ethics. To less talking is to keep private things and never talk about it to other people. We should avoid exaggerating things to bypass misconception. A person who talk less is a person who has a good moral value and knows how to value the truth. It is better to remain silent and find peace, than to talk a lot and blow out of proportion in a wrong way then find troubles and misjudgment.

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